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Twitter Users Request Proper Ending to HBO Max’s ‘Infinity Train’


Twitter Users Request Proper Ending to HBO Max’s ‘Infinity Train’

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Earlier in the month, Cartoon Network and HBO Max’s animated series Infinity Train released its fourth season, which was billed in advertising as the show’s final season. While the season was well-received by fans of the show, those same fans have taken notice of the fact that the show’s overarching mystery has not yet been solved. In fact, without spoiling, the final episode of the fourth season has what seemed to be an extremely important plot moment related to the behind-the-scenes goings-on of the mysterious train, but without another season, we’ll never know what it was about.

In an effort to spread awareness about Infinity Train and its incomplete story, Twitter users have begun circulating the hashtag #FinishInfinityTrain, calling on Cartoon Network and HBO Max to give the show one last season for a proper conclusion.

After Infinity Train aired its third season, creator Owen Dennis divulged that HBO Max was planning to make the fourth season the last one. Concerns were raised by the show’s producers that the show’s subject matter was too dark for children, and not funny enough to appeal to adults. By the time the fourth season released, many of the Infinity Train production staff had been laid off, leaving Dennis with a skeleton crew to finish the season.

“Overall, the fight has been a lot of pushing for emotionality in children’s shows, a lot of testing how “aged-up” you can make children’s cartoons,” Dennis said in a recent interview with Inverse. “Meanwhile, Western adult animation is always branded as a comedy. We’re starting to see that change with heady and emotional shows like Bojack Horseman and Rick and Morty. Unfortunately, there’s a big gap in the middle which assumes teens don’t watch animation, and that adults avoid non-comedic animation. However, it’s pretty clear that shows being made on both ends of the age spectrum are getting closer and closer to meeting in the middle. We just need a couple of adult animated movies or TV shows to blow open the whole market. I’ve got stacks of treatments ready to go for that moment.”

Neither Dennis nor HBO Max or Cartoon Network have commented on the Twitter hashtag as of writing.

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