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Twitter Users Call for Proper Conclusion of HBO Max’s ‘Infinity Train’


Twitter Users Call for Proper Conclusion of HBO Max’s ‘Infinity Train’

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The latest season of Infinity Train, a collaborative project between Cartoon Network and HBO Max, recently concluded. Despite its positive reception among fans, there is a noticeable void in the storyline. The fourth season hinted at a crucial plot development related to the enigmatic train without a definitive resolution. This has sparked a movement among loyal viewers urging for the show to receive another season to provide a satisfactory ending.

To draw attention to the unfinished narrative of Infinity Train, supporters have initiated the hashtag campaign #FinishInfinityTrain, imploring Cartoon Network and HBO Max to grant the series one final season for closure.

Following the broadcast of the third season of Infinity Train, creator Owen Dennis disclosed that HBO Max had intended to make the fourth season its concluding installment. Concerns arose among the producers about the show’s dark themes being unsuitable for children and lacking comedic appeal for adults. By the time the fourth season premiered, a significant portion of the Infinity Train production team had been let go, leaving Dennis with a scaled-down crew to wrap up the season.

“We’ve been advocating for more emotional depth in children’s content, exploring the boundaries of ‘maturity’ in animated shows for kids,” Dennis shared in a recent interview with Inverse. “Conversely, adult-oriented Western animations are predominantly associated with humor. However, there exists a noticeable void in the middle ground that assumes teenagers don’t engage with animated content and adults shun non-comedic animations. The current landscape reflects a convergence of these two ends, inching closer to a harmonious balance. We await the groundbreaking moment when adult animation projects will reshape the entire market. I have a plethora of concepts ready to seize that opportunity.”

At the time of this writing, neither Dennis nor HBO Max or Cartoon Network have issued a statement regarding the trending Twitter campaign.

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