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Tubi Ad Terrifies Super Bowl Watchers


Tubi Ad Terrifies Super Bowl Watchers

Tubi’s “Interface Interruption” advertisement had spectators yelling at their TV screens.

One of the primary attractions of the yearly Super Bowl event, aside from the actual match, are the commercials. Businesses go all out to create the most bizarre, most outrageous commercials they can to effectively embed themselves in viewers’ minds even after the game concludes. One of these ads was quite wicked in its implementation, and it was successful, more or less.

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While the game had a brief pause, as the Super Bowl hosts seemed to be offering some additional commentary, a sophisticated television interface suddenly appeared at the lower part of the screen, shifting the content to the Tubi streaming application and initiating the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith. This was a deliberate strategy by Tubi to simulate an interruption in the viewers’ feed, giving the impression that someone had taken control of the television or accidentally pressed the remote, before revealing their logo at the conclusion and reverting to the regular broadcast with no content missed.

Although this advertisement was clever in drawing attention to Tubi, some viewers had a somewhat unfavorable reaction. Several individuals on various social media platforms who were watching the game with their families and friends mentioned that chaos ensued, as everyone panicked, attempting to pinpoint the source of the issue and restore the game broadcast.

“My entire family started accusing each other of sitting on the remote,” LarkspurCreates, a YouTube user, commented on Tubi’s official post featuring the ad. “My dad blamed my brother, but it turned out to be the ad. Interestingly, my dad was holding the remote conspicuously. After watching this ad, we all professed our dislike for Tubi. I’m secretly laughing hysterically inside.”

“That Tubi commercial certainly led to an argument between me and my spouse,” professional softball player Haley Cruse Mitchell expressed on Twitter.

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