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Trump to Sue CEOs of Facebook, Twitter


Trump to Sue CEOs of Facebook, Twitter

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Back in January of 2021, following the insurrectionist riot conducted by his supporters at the United States capitol, former US President Donald Trump was summarily banned from using Twitter, Facebook, and several other social media platforms. While the platforms had mulled banning Trump previously, due to his habit of spreading misinformation in violation of their policies, the insurrection solidified their resolves. After several attempts to start his own social media platforms, as well as a personal blog, have fizzled out, Trump has decided to pursue legal action.

During a press conference at one of his golf clubs today, Trump announced his intent to file lawsuits against Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Faecbook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on the grounds that his removal from their platforms is considered “unlawful censorship.” The lawsuit has received the support of the America First Policy Institute, a nonprofit organization that touts the philosophies and policies of the former President.

The details of the legal complaint claim that the platforms have “increasingly engaged in impermissible censorship resulting from threatened legislative action, a misguided reliance upon Section 230.”

To clarify, Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act gives social media platforms protection from legal liability over the things their users post on them. Section 230 was a regular target for Trump during his time in office, though he was not able to modify or repeal it.

Spokespeople from Twitter and Facebook have declined to comment on the matter as of writing.

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