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Troy Baker Transforms his Vocal Talent into a Non-Fungible Token


Troy Baker Transforms his Vocal Talent into a Non-Fungible Token

Credit: Unsplash

Troy Baker, acclaimed for his work in voice acting across various animated series, movies, and video games, has made a significant announcement today that has sparked discussion among his audience.

In a recent tweet, Baker revealed a new collaboration with Voiceverse NFT, a startup focusing on converting the voices of renowned voice actors like himself into unique digital assets. Additionally, they are developing advanced AI technology to replicate any NFT voice for diverse voice acting applications.

“Teaming up with @VoiceverseNFT to explore innovative possibilities for creators to craft new narratives, enabling everyone to own & invest in the intellectual properties they create. We all harbor untold stories,” shared Baker in his tweet. “You can criticize. Or you can craft. What’s your choice?”

Some respondents to the tweet criticized Baker for participating in the NFT realm, which is marked by environmental concerns, and for supporting a company aiming to potentially automate his profession.

Following significant backlash, Baker posted a series of tweets in an attempt to address the situation.

“I always welcome engaging in dialogue, even amidst strong disagreements. Thank you all for voicing your thoughts and providing me with valuable insights. I’m simply a narrator endeavoring to share my tales with those willing to listen, hoping to inspire others to do the same. Sometimes it resonates, at other times it doesn’t. I appreciate individuals who are fervent in their convictions and who feel empowered to express them, regardless of their stance.

“The ‘hate/create’ element might have come across as confrontational. I ask for your forgiveness on that. It was an ill-conceived effort to inject some levity. Feel free to resume the discussion, or refrain from it as you see fit. I acknowledge those presenting the truth, those offering support, and those expressing their frustrations with sincerity.”

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