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Travis Scott Denies Prior Knowledge of Astroworld Injuries Before His Performance


Travis Scott Denies Prior Knowledge of Astroworld Injuries Before His Performance

Credit: Unsplash

Following the unfortunate incidents at the Astroworld Festival last month, where a large number of individuals suffered injuries and ten tragically lost their lives due to a chaotic crowd situation during Travis Scott’s performance, Scott has come under intense scrutiny and legal challenges. Lawsuits have been filed against the event, its organizers, and Scott himself by the injured parties and families of the deceased, with the main criticism directed towards Scott being his decision to proceed with the show despite pleas from the audience to halt.

During a recent YouTube interview with rapper Charlamagne tha God, Scott spoke out for the first time regarding the events, asserting that he was not informed of the extent of the injuries until much later.

“I only became aware of the details moments before the press conference [following my set],” he stated. “Even then, it was like, ‘Wait, what?’

“It’s unbelievable because as an artist, whenever you hear about such things, your instinct is to stop the show,” he remarked. “You want to ensure that fans receive the necessary care. Whenever I noticed anything of that sort, I took action. I paused the show a few times to ensure everyone was alright. I mostly rely on the collective energy of the fans – it’s all about mutual engagement. I simply didn’t pick up on that.”

When questioned about the typically intense ambiance at his shows, Scott mentioned his efforts to reduce such intensity. “As artists, we trust the professionals to ensure the safety of the audience in case of any emergencies. To me, that night felt like any other show in terms of energy. It didn’t seem like… people didn’t attend with ill intentions. They just wanted to have a good time, and unfortunately, something went wrong, and we need to understand what exactly transpired.”

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