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Travis Scott and Organizers of Astroworld Facing $750 Million Lawsuit


Travis Scott and Organizers of Astroworld Facing $750 Million Lawsuit

Credit: Unsplash

After the Astroworld festival where 10 individuals perished in a crowd compression during Travis Scott’s set, both the event and Scott are embroiled in a significant legal battle. Scott shared an apology video on his Instagram, expressing his profound sorrow at the fatalities. However, many attendees stated that he had numerous chances to halt the performance and ensure assistance was provided. A video clip went viral showing a young woman scaling a pole to reach the stage and imploring Scott to cease the show, to which Scott merely instructed her to descend. The Astroworld organizers are also being criticized for overselling the event and the faulty venue layout, which some suspect contributed to the deadly crowd surge.

More than 125 individuals, comprising attendees and the affected families, have filed a lawsuit against Scott and the event planners. The plaintiffs are demanding $750 million in compensation from both parties. Among the claimants is the family of 21-year-old Axel Acosta, one of the 10 fatalities at the event. As per their portion of the lawsuit, Acosta was “crushed by the inflamed, disorderly and uncontrollable crowd” and lay in critical condition on the ground for at least 40 minutes unnoticed.

“Clearly, neither Travis Scott nor any of his associates, entourage, managers, agents, associates, facilitators, coordinators, or supporters showed a minimum level of concern for Axel and the other concertgoers’ safety,” the statement read.

Live Nation, the promoter of Astroworld, is presently focusing on the ongoing inquiries into the incident. “We are committed to assisting and cooperating with local authorities in their ongoing investigation, to provide answers and closure to both the concert attendees and their families. All legal matters will be addressed at the appropriate juncture,” they affirmed in a statement.

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