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Transportation Security Administration to Prolong Travel Face Covering Directive until April


Transportation Security Administration to Prolong Travel Face Covering Directive until April

Credit: Unsplash

With the gradual containment of COVID cases in the United States (or a waning societal concern), numerous governing entities, both national and local, have been easing restrictions regarding facial coverings. One of the few remaining crucial federal directives is the measure enforced by the Transportation Security Administration, mandating individuals to don face masks on crowded, enclosed modes of transportation such as airplanes, trains, and buses. The deadline for this directive was approaching, but as a precautionary measure, it has been lengthened for an additional month.

The TSA has officially declared today the extension of the travel face covering mandate until April 18, hence travelers will be required to wear masks during these modes of transit at least until then. Concurrently, the administration will be assessing the pandemic situation in the US to determine the appropriate timing for any potential relaxation of the mandate.

“The CDC will cooperate with governmental bodies to provide insights for a revised policy framework pertaining to the necessity of face masks in public transport settings,” a governmental source shared with CNN. “This updated framework will be crafted based on prevailing COVID-19 community metrics, consideration of emerging variants, national statistics, and the most current scientific findings. Any developments will be communicated to the public promptly should there be any changes.”

Depending on the prevailing trajectory of COVID cases, the mandate could potentially be lifted prior to the conclusion of the 30-day extension; nevertheless, officials are insistent on ensuring optimal forecast conditions before making any adjustments.

“Our primary concern is to avoid rescinding the mandate only to find it necessary to reimpose it,” emphasized another official.

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