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Trailer Revealed for Upcoming Jon Stewart Series


Trailer Revealed for Upcoming Jon Stewart Series

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Renowned as one of the prominent figures in contemporary talk television, Jon Stewart’s presence on The Daily Show remains cherished till this day, along with his many heartfelt and humorous speeches. Having garnered 22 Emmys during his time at Comedy Central before passing the torch to Trevor Noah, Stewart has been quietly exploring new show concepts. Towards the end of this month, his very first original show will debut on Apple TV+ in an attempt to address global issues head-on.

The Problem with Jon Stewart is Stewart’s upcoming talk series scheduled to premiere on September 30 exclusively for Apple TV+ subscribers. Each episode will tackle a specific “issue,” whether it be a significant societal challenge like poverty or healthcare. While viewers can anticipate laughter due to Stewart’s innate charm, he aims for The Problem to provoke deeper reflections, encouraging contemplation on the state of the world.

“I became weary of The Daily Show‘s pace and my struggle to innovate it further into a fulfilling direction,” Stewart revealed to The Hollywood Reporter. “I knew I could continue, but that path wasn’t fulfilling for neither me nor the audience. Wouldn’t it be better to allow people to fall in love with the show anew in a different manner? And then inevitably become disenchanted with it but in a different way, as that’s the cycle.”

As per Stewart, the show’s format will be less taxing compared to The Daily Show, focusing more on relaxed face-to-face conversations than field interviews. “It’s not the grueling assignments the correspondents had to endure. I’m not thrown into a crowd of anti-vaccine individuals, forced to fight my way out,” he elaborated. “It’s a rather civil one-on-one. So far, there have been no scuffles, and any interview that concludes without any brawls has to be seen as a win.”

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