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Tom Cruise Surrenders Golden Globes in Protest Against HFPA


Tom Cruise Surrenders Golden Globes in Protest Against HFPA

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Although there are numerous observations that could be made about Tom Cruise’s personal life, in terms of his professional endeavors, he indeed approaches his work in the entertainment field with great seriousness. Thus, the voluntary act of relinquishing three accolades for three of his significant films is rather astonishing; however, what may be even more surprising is the rationale behind his decision.

A purported source close to Cruise reportedly informed CNN on Monday that the renowned actor has given back the three Golden Globe awards he received for Jerry Maguire in 1997, Born on the Fourth of July in 1990, Magnolia in 2000 to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Why this gesture? To align himself with the escalating protest against the HFPA.

Recently, the HFPA, the entity responsible for overseeing the Golden Globes awards, has faced intense scrutiny due to a glaring lack of diversity within its membership. A report by the Los Angeles Times in February revealed that among the 87 members of the organization, not a single individual is Black. Moreover, ethical concerns regarding certain financial perks offered to members were raised.

Subsequent to this, both performers and broadcasting networks have taken measures to distance themselves from the HFPA and its occurrences.

“We maintain our belief in the HFPA’s commitment to substantial reform. However, enacting such significant changes requires time and dedication, and we firmly believe that the HFPA must be granted the opportunity to execute these changes appropriately. Hence, NBC has decided not to broadcast the 2022 Golden Globes,” stated NBC to CNN Business.

“While as an actress promoting a film, the expectation is to engage in awards season activities, including attending press events and award ceremonies,” remarked Scarlett Johansson in a statement provided to Variety. “Historically, this has involved encountering sexist inquiries and comments from certain HFPA members that verged on sexual harassment. This is precisely why I, for a considerable period, refrained from participating in their events. The HFPA is an entity that was endorsed by individuals like Harvey Weinstein in order to garner support for Academy accolades, and the industry followed suit. Without the essential structural changes within the organization, I believe it’s suitable for us to step back from the HFPA and direct our attention toward the significance and solidarity of our unions and the industry at large.”

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