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The Split Between Grace Jackson And Joey Essex

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The Split Between Grace Jackson And Joey Essex

Tensions rise within the Love Island dwelling, and presently Grace Jackson, one of Joey Essex’s former flames, has made an entrance into the villa – here’s an overview of their past and the reasons behind their separation.

In the very episode that featured Joey Essex and Samantha Kenny embarking on their inaugural rendezvous, an ex-sweetheart of Joey’s emerged at the Love Island abode, introducing turmoil to the scenario.

While Joey and Samantha’s connection had been developing gradually, unlike the swift union of Ciaran Davies and Nicole Samuel who have since become exclusive, their date progressed admirably.

Upon the arrival of three new tempting entrants in the villa, Joey’s surprise was unmistakable as he murmured under his breath, “Oh my God… I used to date that girl”.

Grace disclosed on Love Island that she and Joey were an item the previous summer (2023) after crossing paths in Ibiza. She confided in the other women that their affair was “intense” and they parted on unsociable terms – quite awkward indeed!

An insider conveyed to Mail Online: “There certainly exists unresolved issues between them and she won’t shy from articulating her emotions within the villa.”

This informant also admitted that Grace’s participation in the villa is bound to strain Joey’s developing romance with Samantha.

Grace admitted they had a brief liaison, spanning a couple of months, yet they had lost contact since the last July. She also interjected that Joey had recently, a couple of months back, been reaching out in attempts to ‘converse.’

However, there’s speculation swirling among the audience who believe the story goes deeper – their conjectures can be found here.

Joey was the initiator of the breakup and, during a candid conversation with Grace within the villa, he extended his apologies for the abrupt ending, stating the relationship escalated too swiftly.

They both reflected on how geographical distance was a pivotal issue for their separation, a fact Grace – hailing from Manchester – pointed out to Joey – a resident of Essex – hadn’t altered in the present circumstances either.

Grace has commented on how her jet-setting lifestyle has been a deterrent in previous relationships, noting: “My way of life tends to intimidate guys a bit, I enjoy frequent outings and overseas trips.

“Competing with my pace of life is challenging for them. This lifestyle suits me and bolsters my career. Opting to stay single and secluded doesn’t resonate with me during my prime years in my mid-20s.”

This aspect might not be what deterred Joey, who himself leads an active life, although he has openly expressed a desire to establish a family, suggesting he may not be seeking a partner with a penchant for travel.

When Grace unveiled the details of their past to islander Konnor, who had taken her away from Joey, she mentioned their hectic work schedules as another stumbling block in their relationship.

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