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The Setback of Arsenal Against West Ham: Arteta Maintains Confidence Amid Challenges


The Setback of Arsenal Against West Ham: Arteta Maintains Confidence Amid Challenges

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The Journey of Arsenal Continues as Arteta Confronts Setbacks and Looks Forward to Fulham Clash

Arsenal’s campaign in the Premier League faced a setback as they endured a 2-0 defeat against West Ham on Thursday night. Despite an impressive 30 shots and 77 touches in the West Ham box without scoring, Mikel Arteta remains resolute and assures there’s no panic within the team.

In a post-match statement, Arteta acknowledged the need for enhancement at both ends of the pitch, emphasizing that Arsenal’s title aspirations hinge on addressing these challenges. The Gunners’ title charge suffered a similar hiccup last season, but Arteta downplayed concerns, stating, “There’s no panic; it’s about trying to do more and do better and win games.”

Arsenal’s relentless attacking efforts against West Ham, marked by 30 shots on goal, set a record for the most touches in the opponent’s box in a single Premier League match since the 2008/09 season for a team that failed to score. Arteta sees the positive side, noting, “If the team is playing like this, then you’re going to go and win a lot of games.”

As Arsenal prepares for the upcoming clash against Fulham this Sunday (live on Sky Sports from 1 pm, kick-off at 2 pm), Arteta highlighted the team’s consistency in the starting lineup, making just one change in the last three top-flight matches. He dismissed concerns of player fatigue, stating, “They looked really good and fresh. When you win, you don’t look at that.”

Arteta expressed confidence in the team’s energy levels, particularly given the youthfulness of the squad. Looking ahead, he emphasized the importance of finding the spark for the final touch that puts the ball in the back of the net, acknowledging that refining this aspect is crucial for Arsenal’s success.

The Gunners aim to bounce back from the setback against West Ham and continue their pursuit of Premier League glory. The Sunday clash against Fulham promises to be a crucial fixture, and fans can watch the action live on Sky Sports.

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