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The Recent Romance of Ariana Grande Following Her Divorce


The Recent Romance of Ariana Grande Following Her Divorce

Ariana Grande’s Fresh Relationship: Introducing Ethan Slater, Her ‘Wicked’ Co-Actor!

The renowned vocalist and performer Ariana Grande grabbed attention recently by revealing her split from her spouse Dalton Gomez, with whom she was set to legally separate. Nevertheless, it appears that Ariana is quickly moving forward, as rumors suggest she is romantically involved with a new gentleman. The fortunate individual is Ethan Slater, a 32-year-old performer whom she is acquainted with from their work.

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Interestingly, Ethan Slater was not widely recognized prior to reports of his involvement with Ariana Grande, a common scenario even among celebrities. So, who exactly is Ethan Slater, and when did he begin dating Ariana? Here’s what we understand about the individual who could potentially be Ariana Grande’s next partner.

Ethan Slater acts alongside Ariana in the musical “Wicked,” where he portrays Boq, a university acquaintance of Elphaba (acted by Cynthia Erivo) and Glinda (played by Grande herself), and the romantic interest of Nessarose (Marissa Bode). The debut of Part 1 of the production is scheduled for November 2024, with filming beginning on Valentine’s Day in the U.K.

Regarding Ariana Grande’s prior relationship, she and Dalton Gomez publicly declared their separation in January, concluding their two-year marriage that started in May 2021. This implies that by the time filming for “Wicked” commenced, Ariana was technically single.

Ethan Slater had been in a relationship with vocalist Lilly Jay since their teenage years in 2012. They relocated to New York from Maryland in 2014, tied the knot in 2018, and welcomed a son last year. Their relationship persisted until recently, evident from Slater’s Instagram post on their anniversary in November, where he professed his affection for Lilly Jay.

However, circumstances aligned, and both Ariana and Ethan found themselves single and open to new connections. Sources indicate that their romance blossomed only after both had separated from their previous partners. Their relationship is still in its early stages, with speculations arising when a photograph of them together, showcasing Slater with his arm around Grande, surfaced from a gathering among the “Wicked” cast in March.

As Ariana Grande remains a focal point in the media due to her personal life, fans and spectators are undoubtedly eager to learn more about her emerging relationship with Ethan Slater. Only time will reveal where this romantic journey will lead for the gifted celebrity.

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