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The Planet’s Second-Most Mature Individual Overcomes COVID-19


The Planet’s Second-Most Mature Individual Overcomes COVID-19

Credit: Unsplash

An undeniable fact about the coronavirus and COVID-19 that has been grasped is that as age advances, the vulnerability to its possibly fatal effects increases. This is why the older population has been given precedence in getting vaccinated, alongside frontline workers, due to their elevated risks of both contracting the virus and succumbing to it compared to younger individuals. For the exceptionally aged individuals, the thought of contracting COVID-19 must induce significant apprehension, yet recently, one such senior managed to defy the odds much like she has outlasted the passing of time.

Lucile Randon, renowned as Sister André, is a nun residing in Toulon, a French city. At the impressive age of 116 years, she holds the title of the earth’s second-oldest existing person. Despite her vision impairment and reliance on a wheelchair, she eagerly anticipates Thursday, as it marks her 117th birthday. This milestone becomes even more momentous as she has triumphed over COVID-19.

In mid-January, Sister André received her initial diagnosis of the virus. Nonetheless, as per both herself and her medical practitioners, she seemed unperturbed by the diagnosis. “I wasn’t even aware that I contracted it,” as she recounted to Var-Matin, a French newspaper.

“She didn’t inquire about her well-being, but rather her usual routines,” remarked David Tavella, the public relations officer of the retirement residence where she resides, to the newspaper. “For instance, she wanted clarifications on potential alterations to meal timings or bedtime schedules. She exhibited no fear of the illness. Conversely, she displayed substantial concern for her fellow residents.”

Presently, Sister André has been officially declared free of the virus and is permitted to partake in both Mass and her birthday festivity. She is eagerly anticipating the celebrations, albeit they will be more subdued than usual due to the COVID safety regulations implemented within her retirement home and across France in general.

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