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The New York Times Acquires the Ownership of Wordle


The New York Times Acquires the Ownership of Wordle

Credit: Unsplash

Within a short span of a few months, the online word puzzle Wordle has become a sensation on social media platforms. The uncomplicated game, where players guess a varying five-letter word with six attempts, has surged in popularity and usage owing to its simple layout and easy shareability. Active users on platforms such as Twitter have been regularly posting their daily results, engaging in friendly competition and sharing a common activity with friends.

Originally developed as an independent project by Josh Wardle and Palak Shah, Wordle caught the attention of The New York Times, which today announced its acquisition of the game for a sum “in the low seven figures.” This significant purchase price reflects the remarkable success of a game crafted by a couple purely for personal amusement.

In a tweet, Wardle expressed his satisfaction with the game’s positive reception but acknowledged the challenges of managing its technical support and server upkeep single-handedly. Given Wardle’s admiration for The New York Times and his acknowledgment of the influence of their games on Wordle, he believed it prudent to transfer ownership to them.

Assuring players that the game will remain free to access on The New York Times’ platform, Wardle has pledged to ensure continuity in users’ winning streaks during the transition.

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