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The Matterhorn on Toblerone Packaging to be Omitted


The Matterhorn on Toblerone Packaging to be Omitted

Due to shifts in production and Swiss regulations, Toblerone undergoes changes.

For the premium chocolate bar Toblerone, apart from its unique triangular structure, the prominent features have been the depiction of the Matterhorn on the packaging and the assertion of being made in Switzerland. However, as Toblerone’s production undergoes alterations, these significant elements will soon be different.

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Recently, Mondelez, the company that produces Toblerone, announced the relocation of part of their production activities from Switzerland to the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava. The laws of “Swissness” implemented in Switzerland in 2017 stipulate that any product not entirely sourced and manufactured in Switzerland cannot be claimed to be produced there or showcase Swiss symbols, necessitating adjustments to Toblerone’s packaging.

“Due to legal requirements resulting from alterations in our production processes, we are obliged to modify our packaging to align with the Swissness regulations. We have eliminated the Swiss origin claim from the front of Toblerone packaging and altered ‘of Switzerland’ to ‘established in’,” a spokesperson for Mondelez clarified to CNN. The depiction of the Matterhorn will be substituted with a more general mountain image.

As per the spokesperson, the new packaging will showcase “a distinctive Toblerone font and logo,” along with the signature of Theodor Tobler, one of the candy’s original creators.

“Bern holds significant historical value for us and will continue to do so in the future,” the spokesperson expressed.

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