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The Launch of the McDonald’s BTS Special Meal is Happening Tonight


The Launch of the McDonald’s BTS Special Meal is Happening Tonight

Image Credit: Unsplash

Even if you’re not into K-pop, chances are you’ve heard of BTS, the well-known Korean boy band that has risen to fame globally in just a few short years. They have sold millions of albums, garnered billions of streams, and any Twitter hashtag related to them quickly becomes a trend. Just last night, they made an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to showcase their latest English track “Butter,” showcasing their fluent English skills and humor during a segment about hand gestures. As is often the norm in the US, widespread fame inevitably leads to a fast food collaboration.

A few weeks back, McDonald’s revealed the upcoming BTS-themed meal, which is set to launch tonight in the US, the Bahamas, Canada, and eight other nations. This meal is part of McDonald’s ongoing “Famous Orders” campaign where notable personalities endorse a custom meal at the chain consisting of regular menu items. This strategy is clever on McDonald’s part; the celebrity association attracts customers, and they avoid the cost of introducing new menu items. The BTS meal comprises a ten-piece McNuggets, medium fries, a medium Coke, and, debuting in the US, Cajun and Sweet Chili dipping sauces previously exclusive to McDonald’s in South Korea.

“We share fond memories with McDonald’s from our early days as trainees,” stated Jin, a member of BTS, when discussing the collaboration with BuzzFeed. “We were eager to join forces!”

“For me, McDonald’s has always been like a loyal friend,” added Jungkook, another BTS member. “Burgers, fries, and sodas – pure happiness!”

“BTS epitomize a global sensation,” expressed McDonald’s US chief marketing officer Morgan Flatley to Rolling Stone. “Their dedicated and fervent fan base played a significant role in our decision to collaborate. More importantly, BTS genuinely love McDonald’s. Each band member has cherished memories with our brand dating back several years.”

The BTS meal will be up for grabs at select McDonald’s outlets starting from 7:00 PM Eastern time tonight and will be available until June 11.

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