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The Interview Series with Billie Eilish Continues!


The Interview Series with Billie Eilish Continues!

A myriad of transformations can occur within a year. For instance, I’d venture to guess that none of us anticipated being confined indoors for almost the entire year of 2020. Times evolve, circumstances progress, individuals mature. Although a year consists of merely 365 days, it’s quite thought-provoking to reflect on the individual you were 365 days in the past, and that’s possibly why Billie Eilish has made an annual tradition of it.

Every year, Vanity Fair conducts an interview with Billie Eilish in an identical fashion. Same rough period, same inquiries, and she even has the opportunity to react to her responses from the previous year. It serves as a source of both lighthearted amusement and contemplative moments for her as she looks back on bygone years and ponders on the present.

“Maintaining my happiness is probably the most crucial thing right now, which I’ve been experiencing for the first time in many years recently, and that’s quite fascinating,” Eilish remarked last year when questioned about her top priority. “Not that my fans aren’t also… equally paramount. Performing live is essential to me, especially putting on elaborate shows, but I strive to sustain happiness. That’s a major objective for me.”

Credit: Unsplash

Upon revisiting her previous response, Eilish chuckled momentarily, then reaffirmed that her sentiments back then were entirely genuine. Nevertheless, she then contemplated further on how the pandemic has altered her life. “It’s surreal how we underestimate certain things. I would never have imagined that there would come a day when I couldn’t perform live shows. So much time spent; me, dreading tours, dreading press, dreading this, dreading that, and well, I had no inkling that I was dreading something that I would eventually be prohibited by law from doing.”

When asked once more about her top priority, Eilish provided a more succinct response than last year: “Ensuring my family’s safety and, you know, staying up. There’s not much else to engage in currently.”

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