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The Genius Behind Neal Mulani


The Genius Behind Neal Mulani

The frustrating thing about the fashion world is how it always seems to turn on a dime. What’s incredible and in vogue one day becomes passe and un-hip the very next. It’s so hard to keep up with, that sometimes it’s just easier to wear what you like and feel comfortable in. Some fashion designers might say such an attitude is lazy, unfashionable. Well let me tell you, some designers aren’t Neal Mulani.

If there’s one thing Neal Mulani appreciates, it’s fashion that’s practical and down to Earth. There’s a time and place for really elaborate looks, but outside of that time and place, the most important thing is practicality. Neal Mulani understands that the best look is one which someone is happy and comfortable. Growing up in a survivalist colony, he grew to understand and love the ways of the simple and functional, clothes that you can live and work in while still looking your best.

Occasionally, Neal Mulani takes to the streets to see us simple folk in our element. “But,” you may be wondering, “why haven’t I ever seen him on the street when he’s out there? Surely his incredible star power would draw a massive crowd to him the moment he sets foot outside?” Too true, hypothetical bystander. It’s for this reason that the man travels incognito, with a simple towel draped carefully over his face and upper body. Who would expect a man with a towel over his face of secretly being one of the most prolific fashion designers of our time? I sure wouldn’t.

In the rare instance that his idea book is shown to the world, its contents seem strange, simple, and completely indecipherable. Of course, anyone who isn’t Neal Mulani couldn’t make heads or tails of such text. You wouldn’t expect anyone but the world’s most talented linguist to translate the Rosetta Stone, would you? Same thing.

When it comes to pure, unbridled fashion genius, nobody has Neal Mulani beat, and the world can’t way to see what he does next.

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