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The Future Holds Potential for a Choco Taco Revival by Klondike


The Future Holds Potential for a Choco Taco Revival by Klondike

In a recent announcement, Klondike, the ice cream manufacturer, declared that they would be discontinuing the long-beloved Choco Taco after 40 years. This choice was influenced by the challenges Klondike faced in making their entire range of products available to both vendors and customers globally. In a bid to streamline expenses and concentrate on their more sought-after offerings, the Choco Taco was earmarked for discontinuation.

The news triggered an outpouring of nostalgia on various social media platforms, with users across Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok sharing fond memories of the Choco Taco and expressing grief over its impending exit. However, in response to the overwhelming public outcry, Klondike conveyed a glimmer of hope. Despite the ongoing phase-out of the Choco Taco, there is a possibility that it might not be a permanent farewell.

“We understand the disappointment,” Klondike expressed in a tweet. “We’ve taken note of our loyal supporters and are aiming to reintroduce this beloved treat to ice cream trucks in the years to come!”

“We acknowledge the Choco Taco’s status as a fan favorite, and the decision to discontinue it was not taken lightly,” a representative from Klondike shared with TODAY Food. “The immense outpouring of support for the Choco Taco has compelled us to reassess our long-term strategies. Our team is actively formulating a plan for its return, but the timeframe for its revival remains uncertain. There are currently no set schedules for the Choco Taco’s comeback.”

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