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The Fantastically Strange Universe


The Fantastically Strange Universe

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Have you ever had the sensation that the universe and its conventions are becoming progressively more peculiar as time goes on? I’m not implying it’s a negative development; one of the videos on my preferred video platform is a ten-second clip of a pancake tipping over. It never fails to make me burst into laughter. Nevertheless, I must confess that I am somewhat puzzled as to how we arrived at this juncture.

Consider this: imagine you came across a movie preview where an individual clad as Biscuit Creature from Sesame Street infiltrates a grand casino to purloin a precious gem. That’s absolutely absurd, correct? Rewind back just a couple of decades, and you wouldn’t encounter anything of that sort anywhere. What brought about this transformation?

Perhaps a portion of the reason lies with the web. When any ordinary individual with an internet connection can disseminate their thoughts moment by moment the instant they cross their minds, we wind up with some rather unconventional notions. However, these unconventional notions also tend to be quite comical, if only due to their sheer unpredictability, so who would raise objections. Maybe by undertaking a thorough examination, you could systematically decipher all the minor societal transformations that eventually led to the current cultural atmosphere, but who has the leisure for that. There’s a profusion of amusement to partake in! Eccentric, absorbing, Biscuit Creature-clad amusement. What an enchanted era we exist in.

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