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‘The Batman’ Star, Robert Pattinson, Engaged in Extensive Physical Preparation for the Role


‘The Batman’ Star, Robert Pattinson, Engaged in Extensive Physical Preparation for the Role

Credit: Unsplash

The latest cinematic iteration of the beloved DC comics vigilante, ‘The Batman’, has graced theaters, and its lead actor, Robert Pattinson, finds himself spending a rather significant portion of screen time without his shirt on. The reasoning behind this creative choice remains a mystery, but one cannot deny Pattinson’s impressive physique. Surprisingly, the prospect of appearing shirtless served as a significant motivator for the actor to adhere to a rigorous diet and exercise regimen.

“I dedicated approximately three months prior to filming, including intense workout sessions before and after my daily commitments,” shared Pattinson with People magazine during the film’s premiere. “I had to meticulously monitor my food intake leading up to the shirtless scenes, even counting each sip of water.”

Even when clad in the iconic Batman cowl, Pattinson emanates a commanding presence, and simply donning the mask significantly bolstered his self-assurance.

“It’s intriguing because upon reviewing the script, considerable time was spent contemplating how to embody a character capable of such audacious deeds. As the filming drew near, I grew increasingly apprehensive – the idea may seem absurd when in casual attire at home – yet, once I adorned the costume, it exuded a primal potency,” reflected Pattinson on his experience with the outfit. “It exudes a primal potency.”

Assuming the mantle of Batman fundamentally alters how others perceive you,” remarked Pattinson. Wearing the cowl was tantamount to donning a regal crown.

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