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Texan Lady Uncovers Felony Accusation for Severely Pastdue Videotape


Texan Lady Uncovers Felony Accusation for Severely Pastdue Videotape

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During the era when video rental stores were still fashionable, they often employed some remarkably intimidating individuals to track down missing tapes. When one had an overdue tape, whether from a chain like Blockbuster or a small local establishment, the calls would commence and persist relentlessly. It might be assumed that with the decline of physical media rental industry, this wouldn’t be as significant of an issue nowadays. However, the moral remains as pertinent now as it was back then: avoid displeasing the video rental establishment.

Caron McBride, a Texas native formerly residing in Oklahoma, was in the process of changing her name in Oklahoma county following a marriage. However, during this period, McBride stumbled upon a criminal accusation on her file for felony misappropriation. What valuable item could she have purportedly taken to result in such a severe accusation? A VHS edition of Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

“I felt like I was on the brink of a heart attack,” recounted McBride to local news channel KOKH-TV. “They informed me of an issue in Oklahoma, providing me with a reference number to contact this number and I did. Meanwhile, I’m considered a wanted felon.”

As outlined in the accusation filed in 2000, McBride purportedly rented the tape in 1999 from a small video rental outlet named Movie Place, which shut down in 2008. When the tape wasn’t returned, the store accused her of felony misappropriation of leased property. McBride does not recall renting the tape herself, yet she has a suspicion that a previous roommate borrowed it using her name.

“He had two daughters, aged 8, 10, or 11, and I presume he might have taken it and not returned it or something,” she mentioned. “I have never watched that show in my entire life. It’s simply not my preference.”

McBride was abruptly dismissed from several employments she held over the last two decades, which she now realizes could have been linked to this peculiar felony accusation. After sharing her narrative on television, the Cleveland County District Attorney’s Office dismissed the charges. Nevertheless, she will still need to initiate the process of expunging the case herself to clear her record. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason why you shouldn’t defy the video rental establishment; as they will always seek retribution. Or at least, someone proximate to you.

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