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Taco Bell to Commence Reusing Sauce Packets


Taco Bell to Commence Reusing Sauce Packets

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One of the main attractions of Taco Bell is their assortment of zesty sauces. I once knew an individual who had a strong penchant for Taco Bell, yet he adamantly insisted on having everything drenched in Fire sauce; and I know for certain he was not alone in this preference. Taco Bell goes through an estimated 8.2 billion packets of sauce each year, but the challenge lies in the fact that even if the sauce is consumed, the packets themselves contribute to landfill congestion. Just envision the colossal pile that would be created by 8 billion sauce packets. It would be quite substantial.

To address their ecological footprint, Taco Bell has unveiled a new sustainability project whereby they will repurpose packets post-consumption of their contents. Given that sauce packets cannot be resealed once opened, they cannot be simply reused. As a result, Taco Bell has partnered with TerraCycle, a recycling company based in New Jersey, to devise a genuinely recyclable packet.

“In today’s culinary landscape, there is a conspicuous absence of a widely accessible solution for recycling the pliable film packets commonly utilized for condiments,” mentioned Liz Matthews, Global Chief Food Innovation Officer at Taco Bell, in an official statement. “As such, we are excited to collaborate with TerraCycle to recycle our distinctive sauce packet packaging in a manner that mirrors the bold and innovative spirit of our menu.”

“Especially in the present landscape, consumers are increasingly unwilling to compromise the well-being of the planet, irrespective of how delectable the meal may be,” stated Tom Szaky, CEO and Founder of TerraCycle. “By collaborating, Taco Bell and TerraCycle aim to drive transformations within the fast food industry by identifying a sustainable method for recycling this product category. This endeavor represents a significant leap towards reducing packet accumulation in landfills and aligns with our ‘Eliminating the Idea of Waste’ vision.”

While specific specifics remain undisclosed, Taco Bell intends to initiate a trial of their recycling program later this year.

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