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Taco Bell Content Creator Alter Secret Menu Beverage


Taco Bell Content Creator Alter Secret Menu Beverage

Credit: Unsplash

Each and every retail food establishment through time has its own hidden selection. From the Mc10:35 at McDonald’s to the Cotton Candy Frap at Starbucks, if you know the confidential codes, you can access a variety of delicious items from your preferred eateries. Those who invent these fresh flavor combinations are often highly admired within the fast food community, with the latest addition being an influencer on TikTok by the name of Wubzee.

Operating under the TikTok handle @ceotacobellhacks, Wubzee focuses on exploring and crafting novel off-menu items at the Taco Bell where they are employed. In a recent upload, Wubzee demonstrated their twist on Taco Bell’s signature drink, the exclusive Mountain Dew variant, Baja Blast. The modification is quite simple; simply fill a cup with ice, halfway with Mountain Dew Baja Blast, then top it off with pink lemonade and give it a good stir. Wubzee has christened this blend the “Cloudy Skies.”


taco bell drink hacks ( cloudy skies ) #tacobell #tacobellhack #foryoupage #fyp

♬ original sound – Wubzee?

Although relatively straightforward in the realm of secret menu innovations, TikTok users seem to have become enamored with the concoction. Wubzee’s post has accrued an impressive 165,000 likes, along with nearly 700 comments either lauding the blend or sharing their own positive experiences.

“I’ve introduced so many people to this,” remarked one user.

“You’re spilling the beans, man,” another quipped.

Taco Bell could certainly benefit from the boost in publicity from Wubzee’s creation, especially since customers of the franchise have been slightly disgruntled following the recent announcement that the Quesalupa would be discontinued from the menu.

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