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Swift Declines Invitation from Meghan Markle!


Swift Declines Invitation from Meghan Markle!

Popular singer Taylor Swift turned down a request from Meghan Markle to appear on her now-defunct podcast, “Archetypes.” The Duchess of Sussex reportedly made a personal approach to Swift, but the response she received was unenthusiastic. Swift opted not to respond directly, instead rejecting the offer through a spokesperson.

The refusal contributes to the recent decline of the podcast, as Meghan and Prince Harry recently cut ties with Spotify, the platform where the show was hosted, just three years into their $20 million contract.

Sources indicate that the decision to end the partnership with Spotify was influenced by the lack of content created by the couple. Despite “Archetypes” briefly reaching the top charts, company executives felt the podcast failed to justify the significant investment.

Moreover, the production process was hindered by frequent last-minute change requests from Meghan, who even involved high-ranking Spotify officials in pushing for alterations.

Prince Harry also struggled to develop his own podcast concept, exploring topics like veterans’ issues, misinformation, and his unique experience as a newcomer to American life. He even suggested interviewing personalities such as Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, and Mark Zuckerberg about their childhood struggles, leaving executives puzzled.

The termination of the podcast agreement increases financial strain on the couple, who stepped away from their senior royal roles in early 2020. They now face enduring financial challenges with an extravagant property in Montecito and substantial security costs.

While Taylor Swift’s rejection may appear as a slight to Meghan Markle, it also underscores the obstacles the couple encounters in establishing themselves in the podcasting realm.

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