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Subway Tuna Doesn’t Contain Any Tuna at All


Subway Tuna Doesn’t Contain Any Tuna at All

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In a case from January, Subway, a popular fast food brand, faced a lawsuit in California claiming that their tuna salad, a well-known item on their menu, doesn’t have a single trace of sea creature, let alone tuna. Subway denied these allegations, leading to further investigations by various parties, including lab tests on the disputed tuna. A test sponsored by The Washington Post back then had inconclusive results, but a recent test funded by The New York Times may provide more definitive answers.

A journalist from The Times acquired samples of Subway’s tuna from three different outlets in Los Angeles and had them analyzed by a professional food tester. Following the tests, a representative from the lab shared their findings with The Times.

“No detectable tuna DNA was found in the sample, and as a result, we couldn’t obtain any DNA amplification products,” the spokesperson stated. “Thus, we are unable to determine the species.”

“There are two possible scenarios,” the spokesperson elaborated. “Either the tuna is heavily processed to the point where identification is impossible, or there simply isn’t any tuna present.”

Per Subway’s menu, their tuna is described as flaked tuna mixed with brine, mayonnaise, and a flavor-retaining additive. If these findings are correct, the initial argument of the lawsuit, put forth by California residents Karen Dhanowa and Nilima Amin, might have some substance, claiming they were misled into purchasing food items that lacked the stated ingredients they believed they were getting.

Subway remains firm in refuting these claims, asserting that all their tuna is authentic, wild-caught fish. Nonetheless, past tests carried out elsewhere have indicated that the tuna is indeed tuna, suggesting that either certain stores are selling a mishmash of tuna or something questionable is afoot.

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