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Street Artist in Houston Decorates Huge ‘Super Mario’ Cube on Street


Street Artist in Houston Decorates Huge ‘Super Mario’ Cube on Street

Credit: Unsplash

While on his typical morning drive down an industrial route, a local artist known as “Neato Rodriguez” felt that the surroundings seemed rather drab. The sight of an abandoned concrete culvert, bland and unremarkable, caught his attention. It was in this moment that Rodriguez conceived an ingenious idea for an art piece.

Reacting to the lack of artistic presence in the area, Rodriguez shared with Houston’s Chron, “There’s been a noticeable absence of art in this part of Houston. Whenever there’s significant construction activity, leftover materials are often disregarded. Since they just leave them behind, why not add some charm to them?”

Under the cloak of darkness, Rodriguez ventured onto the street and transformed the culvert into a replica of the famed Question Block from the Super Mario video game series. This unique artwork marks Rodriguez’s maiden public installation, aligning with his affinity for pixel art as evidenced in his past and future projects.

Despite acknowledging the illegality of his actions, Rodriguez maintained, “No one has addressed that particular culvert. It’s been there for an extended period. So, why not inject some joy while it’s still there?”

Remaining incognito, Rodriguez has kept his true identity concealed, even from his colleagues, who are unaware of his contribution in introducing a pixelated realm to Houston. Reflecting on encounters with admirers of his work, he mentioned, “Some individuals have approached me saying ‘Hey, have you seen that block? It’s amazing.’ And all I can reply is, ‘I should go take a look at that.’”

The Question Block, in addition to various smaller pieces adorning the facades of multiple buildings across Houston, form part of Rodriguez’s “Infinitely Houston” collection, aimed at enlivening areas of the urban landscape lacking in artwork while showcasing outstanding establishments and individuals.

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