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Streaming Non-Stop for 31 Days: Meet the Twitch Virtual Youtuber


Streaming Non-Stop for 31 Days: Meet the Twitch Virtual Youtuber

Credit: Unsplash

Recently, VTubers, a segment of content creators utilizing animated personas instead of traditional facecam setups, have witnessed a meteoric rise in popularity on major platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. On YouTube, several VTubers rank among the top earners in terms of superchat contributions, the monetary donations streamed during live content. Meanwhile, over on Twitch, a remarkable achievement has been unlocked by another prominent VTuber.

The well-known Twitch VTuber Ironmouse, famous for her diverse content ranging from gaming sessions to interactive activities like watching YouTube videos and engaging in conversations with fellow streamers and VTubers, successfully wrapped up her “subathon” event this morning, having streamed continuously for an impressive period of 31 days. The stream operation was overseen by a timer, with viewers having the ability to extend the stream duration by subscribing and contributing tips. At different intervals during the stream, when the timer approached its end, Ironmouse experienced a significant surge in new subscribers, leading to multiple hours being added to the timer.

Due to tremendous fan support, Ironmouse has secured the third position on Twitch’s all-time highest active subscriptions list with a staggering count of 170,088, trailing behind only two of Twitch’s most prominent streamers, namely Ludwig and Ninja.

“This past month has been nothing short of incredible. I am immensely grateful for the overwhelming love and backing from each one of you, and I am amazed by the milestones we have collectively achieved,” Ironmouse expressed on her personal Twitter account.

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