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State of Emergency and Curfew Extended in Miami Beach


State of Emergency and Curfew Extended in Miami Beach

Credit: Unsplash

Even as vaccines continue to roll out across the United States and COVID-19 restrictions are gradually easing, the pandemic still lingers. Despite the decline in cases and fatalities, the threat remains. Many assumed that spring break would be a no-go this year. However, that did not deter crowds of defiant spring breakers from flocking to Miami Beach.

Surprisingly, the throngs of spring break revelers were not just teenagers but mainly comprised of individuals in their 30s and 40s, eager to make the most of Florida’s relaxed rules and indulge in some traditional revelry. The rampant display of rowdy behavior, vandalism, and a blatant disregard for mask-wearing led to swift actions from local authorities and government. To rein in the chaos, a state of emergency was declared in Miami Beach, accompanied by a curfew spanning from 8 PM to 6 AM.

The initial state of emergency was set to end after the weekend. However, with no sign of abating incidents, city officials have announced its extension for the entire upcoming week, and are open to prolonging it into April, if necessary.

During an official meeting, Miami Beach Police Chief Richard Clements justified the city’s decision, stating, “We couldn’t stand idly by any longer. I believe this was the correct course of action.”

In tandem with the state of emergency and curfew, the city has implemented several measures to stem the tide of out-of-state visitors. Access to the city via various causeways has been restricted to non-residents, and dining establishments have been advised to shut voluntarily. Further updates on the situation are pending.

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