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‘Squid Game’ Achieves Milestone as Largest Netflix Debut


‘Squid Game’ Achieves Milestone as Largest Netflix Debut

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If you have been browsing the web in recent weeks, chances are high that you have come across photos of either a group of strangers clad in green tracksuits or a group of men in pink hoodies donning masks with basic designs on them. This surge in visibility is credited to the introduction of the South Korean suspense series Squid Game on Netflix last month, and since its debut, the show has made a monumental impact globally.

The narrative of Squid Game, centered around individuals facing extreme financial hardships who are compelled to partake in a perilous sequence of childhood games offering a massive cash prize, has emerged as another wildly successful creation for Netflix. Currently, the series has set a new record for the platform with its massive viewership surpassing 111 million.

“I never anticipated such overwhelming success when I initially got involved with Squid Game> as a project. However, upon reading the script, I realized that it encompassed elements that could deeply resonate with audiences and resonate beyond Korea,” mentioned Lee Jung-jae, the actor portraying the lead character, Seong Gi-hun, in an interview with Variety.

One of the principal reasons Lee decided to join the project was the scriptwriter behind it, Hwang Dong-hyuk, who crafted the storyline for Squid Game back in 2008 and had been awaiting a potential buyer until recently.

“I aspired to create a narrative that served as an allegory or tale depicting modern capitalist society, illustrating an intense competition akin to the exertion in real life. I aimed to portray characters that one encounters in real life,” shared Hwang in a separate interview with Variety. “As a survival game, it blends elements of entertainment and human drama. The simplicity of the games showcased allows viewers to focus on the characters rather than being entangled in deciphering complex rules.”

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