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Spotify halts Production of Automobile Gizmo


Spotify halts Production of Automobile Gizmo

Upon the conclusion of an almost year-long period of anticipation and promotion, Spotify introduced the Automobile Gizmo back in February. This car-mounted gadget was developed to synchronize with a user’s Spotify app on their smartphone, enabling them to easily switch between songs. The moniker “Automobile Gizmo” was chosen by the creators based on their assumption of how everyone would identify it. Unexpectedly, after only five months on the market, it appears that nobody will be mentioning the Automobile Gizmo in any way.

In their quarterly financial report announcement today, Spotify disclosed their decision to cease the production of Automobile Gizmo devices. While the gadget is still purchasable on Spotify’s website, it has been discounted to roughly half of its original price. When these units are eventually sold out, it is likely that Spotify will remove the gadget from their platform.

“Spotify’s exploration into the world of Automobile Gizmo aimed to enhance the understanding of in-car music listening and extend audio capabilities to a broader audience of users and vehicles,” stated a spokesperson from Spotify to TechCrunch. “After considering various factors, such as product demand and supply chain challenges, we have opted to discontinue the production of Automobile Gizmo devices. The existing units will continue to function as designed. This venture has provided us with valuable insights, and our focus remains on enhancing the audio experience within vehicles.”

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