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Sony Taps Bad Bunny for Lead Role in ‘El Muerto’


Sony Taps Bad Bunny for Lead Role in ‘El Muerto’

Building upon the success of Morbius, Sony has revealed their upcoming project featuring the next adversary from the Spider-Man universe: El Muerto. If you’re unfamiliar with El Muerto, you’re not alone; this character made only brief appearances in a few Spider-Man comic issues. Nevertheless, Sony is now giving him the spotlight with a standalone movie, and they’ve chosen Bad Bunny to portray him.

Unveiled at the recent CinemaCon, Sony has set the release date for El Muerto on January 12, 2024. While an official summary of the movie is yet to surface, it’s likely to delve into the character’s original backstory. El Muerto is a Mexican wrestler endowed with superhuman powers passed down through generations. Each wrestler in the family must vanquish their archenemy, the fighter known as El Dorado, in a thrilling showdown.

Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, popularly known as Bad Bunny, has been selected for the lead role, with Sony proudly promoting him as “the inaugural Latino artist to lead a Marvel live-action movie.”

“This chance to embody El Muerto [is] phenomenal, it’s extraordinary,” expressed Bad Bunny at CinemaCon in a statement reported by Deadline. “I’m passionate about wrestling. I’ve grown up watching wrestling and I’m a wrestler myself. I’ve held a championship, so that’s why I have a deep connection with this character. I believe it’s the perfect role for me, and it’s going to be legendary.”

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