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SOAPBOTTLE Presents an Eco-Friendly Zero-Waste Solution For Care Products


SOAPBOTTLE Presents an Eco-Friendly Zero-Waste Solution For Care Products

Have you ever discarded countless containers of beauty and skincare items over the years? It’s likely an insurmountable task to tally, but Joanna Breitenhuber, a product designer from Germany, is dedicated to tackling the problem of waste in packaging by introducing a zero-waste solution! She’s accomplishing this by utilizing soap and recyclable materials to invent a fresh type of packaging!

Her enterprise, named SOAPBOTTLE, presents a sustainable zero-waste alternative for shower gel that includes biodegradable soap packaging that can function as a bar soap for handwashing or be processed into laundry powder…how innovative is that! Envision finishing a container of body wash that you can repurpose into a hand soap bar for washing or crush into small pieces for use in household tasks. The soap comprises natural components and is entirely biodegradable, effectively eliminating all waste!

Here’s the process. Simply cut the marked corner to open the bottle, position the SOAPBOTTLE on a sponge or hang it on a rope, utilize the product as needed, and seal the bottle with a reusable metal clip. The reusable metal fastener is crafted from stainless steel that can be recycled along with the recycled paper tag.

SOAPBOTTLE is presently in the development stage and is seeking supporters who will have the opportunity to be among the initial users of this groundbreaking product! You can visit SOAPBOTTLE on KickStarter to show your support. Their campaign closes at 10 am on April 22, so don’t wait and support their INCREDIBLE concept! Their inaugural product is slated for release in 2022. Additionally, make sure to follow them on Instagram to stay informed about all their latest developments and offerings!

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