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Sir Paul McCartney Ceases Autograph Signings


Sir Paul McCartney Ceases Autograph Signings

Credit: Unsplash

If you happen to come across a well-known individual while out and about, your initial impulse might be to request their signature, correct? It serves as a tangible memento of your encounter with that interesting person, something to cherish (or possibly sell on eBay for a handsome sum). When discussing renowned musicians, there are very few who can rival the fame of Sir Paul McCartney, the former bass player of the Beatles. However, McCartney recently expressed his disinterest in the customary act of autograph signing.

In an interview with Reader’s Digest, which was later reported by Contact Music, McCartney revealed his decision to discontinue signing autographs for fans as he finds little purpose in it. He remarked, “I always found it odd—’here, may I jot down your name on this receipt?’ Why? We both recognize who I am.”

Additionally, he expressed his lack of enthusiasm for taking selfies with fans, preferring instead to engage in meaningful conversations and share anecdotes. “More often than not, you end up with a subpar photo against a lackluster backdrop with me looking rather glum. Let’s converse, let’s trade stories.”

McCartney is not the first ex-Beatle to put an end to autograph sessions. Back in 2008, in a now-viral monologue, the Beatles’ former drummer, Ringo Starr, declared his decision to stop signing autographs due to the proliferation of his signatures on online auction platforms. “I am advising you with peace and love that I am swamped with other commitments. Hence, no more fan mail, thank you, thank you, and no more requests for signatures, nothing.”

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