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Shrimp Discovers in Cinnamon Toast Crunch by a Local from Los Angeles


Shrimp Discovers in Cinnamon Toast Crunch by a Local from Los Angeles

Credit: Unsplash

When opening a box of cereal, one typically anticipates finding cereal, a small prize, or maybe an old DVD featuring classics like Heathcliff or The Super Mario Bros. Super Show. Anything outside of these expectations would certainly be surprising. Imagine the reaction of Mr. Jensen Karp, who stumbled upon an unexpected item in his morning bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

While enjoying his cereal on a Monday, Karp poured out a bit more from the box and was startled by some oddly shaped objects. Upon closer inspection, he realized they resembled shrimp tails. To his horror, they were indeed shrimp tails.

During an interview, he expressed his disgust, mentioning his struggle with O.C.D. and how this discovery was a nightmare for him.

Karp promptly sent a complaint email to General Mills and also shared images of his findings on Twitter. Despite Karp’s assertions, General Mills responded on Twitter, claiming a misconception on his part.

According to Cinnamon Toast Crunch’s statement, which Karp shared, further scrutiny revealed that what he thought were shrimp tails was actually a clumping of cinnamon sugar due to inadequate mixing of ingredients, assuring no chances of shrimp contamination.

Following the rebuttal, Karp continued his investigation of the tainted cereal box, uncovering more disturbing items, including additional shrimp remains, a strange thread, a suspected pistachio, and concerning black bits he feared might be rat droppings.

Having bought a two-pack, Karp inspected the other bag for any irregularities, noticing a strip of transparent tape along the bottom, suggesting possible tampering.

“While we investigate this issue further, we can confirm this did not happen at our facility,” wrote Mike Siemienas, a General Mills representative in an email. “We await the consumer’s submission of the package for further inspection. Consumers who suspect tampering of their cereal should contact us.”

Karp intends to retain one of the compromised bags and send contents samples to various labs for detailed analysis.

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