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Shouting Prohibited on California Theme Park Attractions


Shouting Prohibited on California Theme Park Attractions

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When I first tried a thrill ride at a theme park, a companion advised me to vocalize instead of holding my breath, assuring it would reduce fear. I’m not sure why, but it did help. Nowadays, due to obvious circumstances, I don’t frequent amusement parks much, but for those eager to ride a roller coaster, particularly in southern California, there may be conditions to adhere to.

The California Attractions and Parks Association, the organization representing the state’s theme parks, has devised a new strategy to expedite park reopenings. Several Californian theme parks aim to welcome visitors again by April, but to achieve this, they must implement various anti-COVID safety measures. A key aspect of CAPA’s proposal is to maintain closed mouths to lower the risk of virus transmission. Essentially, no shouting permitted.

“During amusement park rides, face coverings must be worn and/or adjustments to seating arrangements will be made to lessen shouting,” states CAPA’s plan. “Moreover, riders are generally oriented in one direction.”

If this proposal is enforced, it will impact several major parks across California, such as Disneyland, Universal Studios, Six Flags, and Knott’s Berry Farm. Both Los Angeles and Orange County are set to reopen their amusement parks on April 1, albeit with only 15% capacity and restricted to California residents. Visitor groups will be capped, tickets can only be purchased online, and indoor dining will not be available. If you’re planning to mark the survival of 2020 by visiting Disneyland, it might be wise to postpone until you can freely speak on the premises.

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