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Shipwreck Found Near Antarctica’s Coast


Shipwreck Found Near Antarctica’s Coast

Credit: Unsplash

In the year 1915, precisely 107 years ago, the Endurance, a wooden exploration ship, got trapped amidst vast ice floes in the Weddell Sea near Antarctica. This unfortunate incident led to the crew, which included explorer Ernest Shackleton, to abandon the ship. Despite the assumption that the vessel was destroyed after succumbing to the ice, Shackleton kept a record of its coordinates. These coordinates have now led to the remarkable discovery of the vessel resting on the seabed.

A group of researchers, under the Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust, embarked on a mission in February to unveil the remains of the Endurance. This week, they achieved a remarkable feat – locating the Endurance almost precisely where Shackleton had documented its location at the base of the Weddell Sea. The vessel’s fantastic preservation under the extreme cold of the sea was awe-inspiring.

“The level of preservation is truly extraordinary,” expressed Mensun Bound, the exploration director at the Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust, during an interview with NBC News. He enthusiastically confirmed that the ship’s name was still clearly visible on its side.

He also commented on the magnificence of the find, describing it as “stunning” and claiming that he had never encountered a wreck as striking and beautiful as this one.

“The environment is extremely frigid, likely just below freezing,” detailed British historian Dan Snow. He explained that this below-zero temperature prevented the presence of wood-degrading microbes and microorganisms, thus maintaining the ship’s hull and equipment. Apart from minor damage caused by local wildlife, the Endurance remains virtually intact.

The remnants of the Endurance will forever be safeguarded under the Antarctic Treaty.

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