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Shanghai Disney Closed Down Because of COVID Outbreak


Shanghai Disney Closed Down Because of COVID Outbreak

Visitors were compelled to stay within the park until they could provide a negative test result.

On Monday, while enjoying their time at Shanghai’s Disney resort, the usual large crowd of visitors received an abrupt notification: cases of positive COVID-19 had been confirmed within the vicinity. Due to China’s contentious “zero-COVID” strategies, this mandated the park to close for the day, while all visitors had to remain on-site until they could present a negative COVID-19 test.

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During this period, no new visitors were permitted to enter or leave the park, as authorities secured the entrances to prevent any such movements. Videos captured by visitors at that time depict crowds attempting to exit the park upon the announcement, only to discover that the gates were already locked and being monitored. While visitors waited for their COVID-19 testing, the park continued to operate with reduced functionality, with only a handful of rides and attractions still available.

This marks the second occasion Shanghai Disney has been closed with visitors inside due to COVID protocols, with the most recent incident occurring last November when 30,000 guests had to remain in the park during testing procedures.

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