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Several Florida Educational Institutions Implement Mask Requirements Against DeSantis


Several Florida Educational Institutions Implement Mask Requirements Against DeSantis

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Following the passage of a bill by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at the close of July preventing public school districts in his state from enforcing face coverings, there has been a noticeable rise in COVID-19 cases among students and faculty. Consequently, to ensure the safety of both groups, several of these public school districts have chosen to impose mask requirements in defiance of DeSantis’ legislation.

Presently, ten public school districts in Florida mandate that all individuals on school premises wear masks, unless they possess a medical exemption note from a physician for a severe health condition. The latest additions include Orange and Indian River counties, thereby bringing the total number of Florida’s public school districts that have adopted individual mask mandates to a majority.

The Florida Department of Education has issued a warning of withholding monthly payments equivalent to “1/12 of the annual compensation of the school board members who supported the unlawful mask mandates.” Officials from the administration have criticized the schools for disregarding DeSantis’ bill, with Christina Pushaw, the governor’s press secretary, stating, “No one is exempt from compliance with the law, not even school board representatives.”

However, prominent government and medical figures firmly support the schools in this predicament. Dr. Nipunie Rajapakse from Mayo Clinic emphasized the necessity of wearing masks, remarking, “Despite concerns raised regarding potential adverse effects of wearing masks on children, numerous studies have conclusively demonstrated that there are no detrimental health impacts on children from mask usage.”

Representing the Biden Administration, US Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona affirmed that they would “aid any district encountering consequences” for adhering to the CDC’s face covering guidelines.

“It is disturbing to witness state officials prioritizing politics over the well-being and safety of our students. Rather than supporting our educators for their commendable actions, state officials are seeking to penalize them,” Cardona expressed in a statement.

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