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Sean Tuohy Responds to Adoption Allegations Made by Michael Oher in “The Blind Side” Controversy


Sean Tuohy Responds to Adoption Allegations Made by Michael Oher in “The Blind Side” Controversy

Sean Tuohy Expresses Deep Distress Following Allegations by Michael Oher

Former NFL player Michael Oher recently filed legal claims accusing the Tuohy family of deceiving him during his adoption process. In response, Sean Tuohy, the patriarch portrayed by Tim McGraw in the movie “The Blind Side,” has addressed these allegations. Oher claims that Sean and his wife Leigh Anne, portrayed by Sandra Bullock, manipulated him into signing a conservatorship agreement in 2004. This agreement allowed the Tuohys to handle Oher’s business matters and has sparked accusations of financial exploitation and benefiting from their real-life story being adapted for the big screen.

Sean Tuohy expressed profound distress regarding these allegations, stating that it is distressing to think that they would profit from any of their children. He emphasized his unwavering love and commitment to Michael, highlighting the consistent support they have provided over the years.

In addressing the financial aspect of the controversy, Sean clarified that the family did not receive significant financial benefits from the success of “The Blind Side.” Despite claims that they received payments and a percentage of the film’s earnings, Sean asserted that they shared the earnings equally with author Michael Lewis, demonstrating their commitment to ethical practices.

Sean explained that the conservatorship was pursued to facilitate Michael’s participation in college athletics, specifically football at the University of Mississippi. Due to legal constraints around adopting someone over the age of 18, the Tuohys were advised to establish a conservatorship as an alternative means of formalizing their connection with Michael.

Sean expressed his willingness to terminate the conservatorship if Michael desires, emphasizing their commitment to ensuring Michael’s well-being and autonomy.

On the other hand, Michael Oher argues that the Tuohys misrepresented the conservatorship as a necessary step for his integration into the family. He claims to have only recently discovered the nature of the arrangement, which he believes did not establish a genuine familial relationship as he had thought. This revelation led to his belief that the Tuohys unjustly profited from the alleged deception.

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