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Scarlett Johansson Takes Legal Action Against Disney Regarding ‘Black Widow’ Launch


Scarlett Johansson Takes Legal Action Against Disney Regarding ‘Black Widow’ Launch

Credit: Unsplash

Scarlett Johansson was assured a salary linked to the success of the theatrical run of Disney and Marvel’s Black Widow. The predicament arises from the fact that with the release of Black Widow in cinemas and on Disney+’s Premier Access streaming service, not all viewers who watched the movie contributed to its box office earnings. Consequently, Johansson may be losing out on significant earnings that Disney argues it is not obligated to pay. Fueled by this issue, Johansson is taking a bold step that only a few have dared to take: she is suing the entertainment giant.

According to the lawsuit, “Disney was fully aware that Disney+ would divert moviegoers from theaters, saving Marvel (and by extension, Disney) substantial sums of money that would otherwise be owed to Ms. Johansson. The deliberate inducement of Marvel to breach the Agreement without reasonable cause was a ploy to prevent Ms. Johansson from reaping the full benefits of her deal with Marvel.”

“As well-known to Ms. Johansson, Disney, Marvel, and the wider Hollywood circle, a ‘theatrical release’ implies an exclusive debut in movie theaters,” the suit points out. “Despite Disney’s acknowledgment of this commitment, the company instructed Marvel to disregard its pledge and simultaneously launch the film on the Disney+ streaming platform alongside its theatrical release.”

Following Johansson’s legal action, Disney responded by dismissing it as having “no validity whatsoever.”

“The lawsuit’s disregard for the severe and prolonged global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is particularly disheartening,” commented a spokesperson from Disney. “Disney has adhered completely to Ms. Johansson’s agreement, and furthermore, the online release of Black Widow via Disney+ with Premier Access has substantially expanded her opportunity to earn additional remuneration on top of the $20M she has already been paid.”

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