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Sanrio ‘Animal Crossing’ Cards Sell Out Instantly


Sanrio ‘Animal Crossing’ Cards Sell Out Instantly

Credit: Unsplash

Not too long ago, a collaboration between Nintendo and Sanrio was revealed, introducing various Animal Crossing: New Horizons items inspired by Sanrio characters. To acquire these unique items, one needed to purchase a special amiibo card from a participating Target store and scan it on their Nintendo Switch. This action would then bring exclusive villagers to the player’s island bearing gifts themed around characters such as Hello Kitty and My Melody (though disappointingly, Aggretsuko was absent). Unfortunately, this distribution method made it effortless for eager scalpers to strike, a harsh reality that hit many individuals this morning.

When the Sanrio cards went on sale at Target stores today, prospective buyers discovered the cards were swiftly sold out almost everywhere. As expected, listings for these sought-after card packs appeared on platforms like eBay almost immediately, with exorbitant prices reaching up to $150. This situation sparked a wave of dissatisfaction on Twitter among Sanrio and Animal Crossing enthusiasts who were eager to partake in the promotion, only to be thwarted by scalpers, reminiscent of the chaotic Pokémon cards debacle at McDonald’s.

Some fortunate individuals managed to secure the coveted cards by repeatedly clicking the buy button on Target’s website or by visiting the store in person to check the shelves. Certain Twitter users recommended contacting local Target stores to inquire about Sanrio card availability, as it appears that not all cards are listed on the website. Hopefully, retailers will grasp the concept that limited-edition releases almost always attract scalpers, and perhaps scalpers will realize it’s time to move on for good.

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