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Sam Heughan Claims Taylor Swift Will Abandon Travis Kelce For Him

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Sam Heughan Claims Taylor Swift Will Abandon Travis Kelce For Him

Enthusiastic for Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour show, Outlander’s Sam Heughan jests with certainty that during the concert in Scotland, Swift will become utterly smitten with him, consequently leaving her beau, Travis Kelce.

Swifties were sent into a frenzy by Sam Heughan after he humorously insinuated his plan to ensnare Taylor Swift’s affections at her upcoming Eras Tour performance in Scotland.

The cherished Outlander actor shared a playful clip via his Instagram at the start of June, where he can be seen costumed as his renowned Starz series personality, Jamie Fraser. While Taylor has paused her tour for a little over a month, her schedule has been far from idle.

“She’s blissfully unaware, but when she spots me in that Scottish crowd, she’ll just toss aside…that guy,” Sam emphasized the word ‘that guy’ in an evident nod to Travis.

“And lose herself for a man donning a ginger wig… Irresistible, right?”, he quipped lightheartedly.

“She’s about to shake him off, and opt for an escapade with me. Eagerly awaiting,” Sam quipped before forming a heart with his fingers.

His caption read, “Scotland extends its welcome, Taylor! JAMMF is a confirmed Swiftie,” referencing his character’s initials from Outlander: James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser.

Although said in jest, the overlap of fandom among followers of Outlander and Swift enthusiasts is nearly a full convergence if depicted in a Venn diagram; as a result, both cohorts went into a euphoric flurry online upon the aforementioned video’s dissemination.

As Taylor’s track ‘Ready for it’ echoed in the backdrop, the comments section buzzed with praise, one fan exclaiming “Outlander x taylor swift… my universes have merged,” while another chimed in, “SASSENACH SWIFTIES—ARE WE HOLDING UP?!”

One compassionate admirer noted, “@samheughan is the SOLE gentleman I’d pardon Taylor for deserting Kelce over,” whereas another simply put, “The mashup I never knew I desired”

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