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Ryan Reynolds Discusses Being Confused for Ben Affleck


Ryan Reynolds Discusses Being Confused for Ben Affleck

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Throughout the 21st century, numerous leading male figures in Hollywood share certain resemblances. They are of average height, have short haircuts, and possess fairly attractive features whether clean-shaven or not. If you are not constantly engrossed in watching screens, distinguishing them from one another in a lineup may pose a challenge. Interestingly, a specific pizza joint in New York struggles to differentiate between Ryan Reynolds and Ben Affleck.

The charismatic star of Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds, appeared on the “Dear Hank and John” podcast where the conversation veered toward instances where Reynolds had been mistaken for other actors. Surprisingly, there were quite a few such incidents.

“There’s this pizza spot in the East Village in New York that I’ve been frequenting for years,” Reynolds shared. “They are under the impression that I am Ben Affleck, and I have never bothered to correct them. I fear the revelation might not be well-received.”

“I go about my business just like everyone else,” Reynolds continued. “They simply think I’m Ben Affleck and inquire about J.Lo. I respond with a simple ‘great, good,’ get my pizza, and head out.”

In addition to Ben Affleck, Reynolds often gets confused with another well-known Canadian, Ryan Gosling. Reflecting on the past, he mentioned, “I used to be more carefree and bold on Twitter back in the day. Nowadays, I tend to be more cautious.” He then recalled a jest he made online to differentiate between the two of them: “I jokingly stated, ‘Well, the disparity is obvious. Ryan Gosling has blonde hair, and Ryan Reynolds is a [expletive].'”

When questioned about taking on Gosling’s role in The Notebook, Reynolds remarked, “That would have been a disaster. Trust me, it would have been unbearable to watch.”

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