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‘Rust’ Gunsmith Holds Cost Reduction Responsible for Mishap


‘Rust’ Gunsmith Holds Cost Reduction Responsible for Mishap

Credit: Unsplash

Investigations into the incident on the set of the upcoming movie Rust, where actor Alec Baldwin unintentionally shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, are ongoing. The authorities are primarily focusing on the film’s gunsmith, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, for answers. Gutierrez-Reed claims ignorance regarding the presence of live ammunition on set and particularly in Baldwin’s prop firearm. She attributes any responsibility to the producers for obstructing her work process.

Her legal representatives, Jason Bowles and Robert Gorence, stated, “Hannah’s top priority is maintaining safety on set. The security breach would not have occurred if live ammo had not been introduced.”

According to Gutierrez-Reed, despite being new to the field, she lacked adequate support, training, and autonomy to enforce safety protocols due to the film’s production team. “Hannah was given dual responsibilities on this project, making it challenging to focus solely on her armorer duties,” her statement revealed.

“She advocated for training, maintenance days for weapons, and adequate preparation time for gun scenes, but her efforts were consistently overridden by the production team,” the statement continued.

“Several safety concerns, including the absence of safety briefings, rendered the entire production site hazardous,” the statement remarked, highlighting previous accidental discharge incidents.

Interestingly, experienced gunsmith Neal Zoromski disclosed to the Los Angeles Times that he declined an offer to work on the movie citing various warning signs, labeling the production as a disaster waiting to happen, which supports Gutierrez-Reed’s assertions.

Authorities are presently investigating how live ammunition made its way onto the set and have seized more than 500 rounds that were supposed to be blanks or non-functional rounds.

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