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‘Running Up That Hill’ by Kate Bush Dominates Charts Following Appearance in ‘Stranger Things’


‘Running Up That Hill’ by Kate Bush Dominates Charts Following Appearance in ‘Stranger Things’

The latest installment of Netflix’s popular supernatural series, Stranger Things, hit screens last Friday. Initial reactions to these fresh episodes have been highly favorable, with many commending the cinematography and the growth of the youthful cast’s performances. Amidst the sea of positive feedback, a shared opinion emerged that the fourth episode stood out, particularly due to its climactic moment enhanced by Kate Bush’s timeless track from 1985, “Running Up That Hill.”

To avoid spoiling the pivotal scene, it’s strongly recommended to witness it firsthand if you haven’t already. The song was expertly woven into a life-or-death scenario involving one of the young cast members, Sadie Sink as Max, and the central antagonist of the season, resulting in a riveting and intense climax. Following the release of the new episodes, streams of “Running Up That Hill” surged on both Spotify and iTunes, catapulting the song to the top of the charts in the United States and the United Kingdom by this week.

In a conversation with Vanity Fair, the show’s music supervisor, Nora Felder, shared her thought process behind selecting the song, underscoring the need for a piece that was both theatrical and poignant yet relatable to a teenager during the 1980s.

Explaining her choice, Felder reflected, “The song needed to deeply resonate with Max’s journey, reinforcing her need for resilience and solace in that critical moment. As the song continued to resonate in my mind, I knew it held the potential to create something truly extraordinary.”

Most of Bush’s loyal fanbase has shared their joy at witnessing the song’s resurgence, with some humorously suggesting that Bush herself might be taken aback by this unexpected return to the spotlight.

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