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Roku Allegedly Developing Intelligent Televisions


Roku Allegedly Developing Intelligent Televisions

Credit: Unsplash

The tech giant Roku has mainly focused on manufacturing USB sticks and boxes that connect to standard HDMI-compatible TVs, bringing streaming capabilities to them. This business strategy has generally been successful (aside from occasional technical glitches), but with the increasing prevalence of built-in streaming services in TVs, Roku might soon face obsolescence. If your television already supports streaming channels, there’s little need to use a separate streaming device.

Reports suggest that in preparation for this potential shift, Roku is in the process of creating its own lineup of intelligent televisions. Insider, citing sources familiar with the matter, indicates that Roku has been conducting market research on prospective smart TV models to identify consumer preferences regarding size, functionality, and features. Apparently, Roku has been considering smart TV development for around a year, signaling the opportune moment for this transition.

By having users subscribe to streaming services like Netflix through their devices, Roku earns a share of the streaming revenue. Entry into the smart TV market could potentially boost this revenue stream. Nonetheless, smart TVs present a larger challenge compared to dongles, as a misstep in functionality or pricing could result in a surplus of unsellable TV units.

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