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Rihanna Reaches Billionaire Status


Rihanna Reaches Billionaire Status

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Rihanna is a household name among modern pop stars, with a list of chart toppers stretching back as far as the early 2000s. However, while her status as a music star is undeniable, the real cornerstone of Rihanna’s success is actually her personal cosmetics brand, Fenty Beauty. It’s thanks to both her stardom and Fenty Beauty that Rihanna can now call herself one of the wealthiest women in the world.

According to a report from Forbes, Rihanna has officially achieved billionaire status, with a net worth of $1.7 billion. This makes Rihanna the wealthiest female musician in the entire world, and the second wealthiest female entertainer behind only Oprah Winfrey.

According to Forbes’ estimates, roughly $1.4 billion of Rihanna’s net worth was earned through Fenty Beauty, specifically the cosmetics line. She also made an additional $270 million through Savage X Fenty, a lingerie line using the Fenty name. The remainder of Rihanna’s wealth comes from her musical career and acting roles.

Rihanna only actually owns about 50% of Fenty Beauty, with the other half handled by French luxury goods company LVMH. Coincidentally, LVMH is owned by Bernard Arnault, the second-richest person in the entire world.

Shannon Coyne, co-founder of Bluestock Advisors, attributed the success of Fenty Beauty (and by extension, Rihanna) to its wider array of products for different skin tones compared to other major cosmetic brands.

“She was one of the first brands that came out and said, ‘I want to speak to all of those different people.’” Coyne said about Rihanna.

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