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Restaurants Offering Deals for National Fry Day


Restaurants Offering Deals for National Fry Day

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Throughout my lifetime, I have never encountered an individual who did not enjoy devouring french fries. While there may be individuals with a sensitivity to starchy or salty foods, I have never personally crossed paths with them and frankly, I have no intention to. Fries complement almost any dish perfectly, and even when they fall short, they can be elevated by their nearly infinite compatibility with a wide array of condiments. Undoubtedly, the esteemed fry is a culinary delight worthy of eternal celebration. Today, on National French Fry Day, we honor this beloved treat.

Embracing the ubiquitous trend of assigning specific days to virtually everything, today marks National Fry Day, a day dedicated to indulging in a generous serving of crisp, thin fries, curly fries, or even waffle fries. In fact, LEGOLAND Florida made a special mention of their renowned apple fries on Twitter in honor of this occasion.

If you find yourself craving something crispy after reading that ode to fries, it’s highly likely that many American fast-food chains are offering various fry deals throughout the day. Red Robin is presenting complimentary bottomless fries for all dine-in orders, Wendy’s is including a free large order of fries with every app-based purchase, Checkers is pricing all fry sizes at one dollar each with all proceeds benefitting No Kid Hungry, and Jack in the Box is giving away complimentary curly fries with app orders, just to highlight a few notable offerings.

Naturally, McDonald’s is taking the celebration up a notch. In honor of the launch of their new MyMcDonald’s Rewards program, McDonald’s is hosting the “World Famous Fan” competition, offering one fortunate winner a lifetime supply of free fries. Explore the McDonald’s app for further details.

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